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It is all about the words, the interplay, and the sound of the text. It is about the feelings, the reactions, and the clarity. It is about evoking an emotional response and reading further. It is about the desire to know more, and the feeling you get when you know you have finally found it. It is about trust.

Years spent working with words show that what you say and when you say it has a profound effect on your message, your brand, and your reputation. It is absolutely true that you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, and this has never been truer than online where with just a simple click your customer is gone forever. Do not let that happen. Make sure your words show your products and services in the best possible light.

It is what Adept Copywriting does.


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Well, let’s see. I’ve got degrees in English Literature and Education. I also completed further qualifications as a Professional Teacher in both Education and then, a year later, in teaching English as a Second Language. This was the qualification that allowed me to teach ESL in Canada, not the rather simpler one that is required abroad. It was fun and super-interesting.
Because I love learning so much, I also hold certifications in Copywriting through AWAI (American Writers and Artists) with further coursework I undertook myself in social media marketing, advanced copywriting, advertising, content creation and marketing, and effective online writing.
In between all of this, I also wrote a book called Opportunity, available on Amazon.

After my degrees, I spent my first year teaching kids in elementary school. Moving on from that, I spent just over 20 years as a college teacher working on language with adults. We explored grammar and syntax, tone, voice, and which words had impact. It was all about effective, meaningful, and precise communication.
Wanting a new challenge, I left this behind and opened the services you see here. Words are important. When you talk to people in their language and on their terms, magic happens.

E-mail: info@adeptcopywriting.com
Phone: (778) 934-1564

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