In your business blog, three questions must be answered; Does your message reach your reader? What makes this writing effective? How is my conversion rate? Answering these three questions is critical to a successful blog. Create blogs that get opened, read, and followed.


Nothing beats e-mail. It’s still the leader in ROI. Are yours doing the job you need? Does one build on another? Are they mobile-friendly? Do they move your customer along the sales/conversion funnel?
Are you writing e-mails that you would open?
Targeted, to-the-point, and that puts your business in the best light. That’s the way to go.


Content is king. Good content gets read. Great content gets shared. Your reader asks the question; Does this have value for me? If your content generates traffic, engages your audience, builds trust, and demonstrates knowledge, it has done it’s first job. Clear content speaks to your reader. It solves their problem, answers their questions, and tells them they have found a solution. Your solution.


White papers explain, in detail, why you are the best choice. Do you have the best price, experience, qualifications, testimonials, features, or benefits? Is it ease of use, reputation, delivery, uniqueness, or location? Do you have a different approach? Perhaps it is some or all of these, or something else too.

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“If a story is not about the hearer, he will not listen. And here I make a rule – a great and interesting story is about everyone or it will not last.”

~ John Steinbeck

words matter. always have. always will.

The importance of words

Words make a difference. In a face-to-face conversation, you rely on body language, tone, and verbal emphasis to add to your message. When you’re not there, you don’t have that advantage. It’s your words that speak for you.
· Is your customer excited, enraptured, or surprised?
· Is the message new or just the same-old, same-old?
The right phrasing, cadence, and word choice combined with a carefully-structured delivery takes your message from good to great, from read to valued.

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Why hire a copywriter?

A professional writer knows words.

They are someone at home with research, syntax, semantics, grammar, word choice, effective structure, and purpose-led communication.
A copywriter:
· Frees up your time to run your business.
· Builds your brand.
· Speaks in your voice; the voice of your business.
· Creates trust.
· Builds consistent messaging.
· Integrates your brand across social media.

A Professional Writer Knows the Market

Keeping their finger on the pulse of what’s working, a professional writer knows how to speak to your customers. Through a combination of consultation with you (Who knows your business better than you do?), good old research, and looking for what’s currently working, a pro knows where to go what to say, and how to say it. The goal is to meet your customers ‘where they are’ and to be the solution.

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